Our Range Of Other Products
Tag Pin - Standard / Fine

Tag Pins, pines etiqueta

1 Strip Contains 50 Pins. 5000 Pins Packed in 1 Box. 50 Boxes Packed In 1 Carton (Colours Available)
Loop Pin

Loop Pin, hand kimble, loop lock

5000 Pins Packed in 1 Box. 20 Box Packed in 1 Carton.(Colours Available)
I Pin

I Pin, T-end Pin

1000 Pins Packed in 1 Box. 40 Box Packed in 1 Carton.Available in nylon and SPP
Tag Fastener Roll

Tag Fastener Roll, Staple Pin Roll, Plastic Staple Roll

1 Roll contains 25,000 Pcs. 4 Rolls Packed in 1 Smaller Carton. 6 Smaller Cartons Packed in 1 Master Carton.
Tag Gun

Arrow 9S, Tag Gun, Tagging Gun, Labeling Gun

1 Carton Contains 100 Pcs. Aailable in long needle,Extra long needle and Fine Needle.
Needle - Mark-I/Mark-II Type

Tag gun Needles, Labeling Gun Needle

1 Box Contains 5 Pcs. 1 Inner Box Contains 500 Pcs. 1 Carton Contains 5000 Pcs.
  Adhesive Buttons / Hooks

Adhesive Button, Adhesive Hook, Self Adhesive Button

100 Pcs Packed in 1 Polybag. 25 Polybags Packed in 1 Inner carton.
10 Inner cartons Packed in 1 Outer carton.Adhesive Buttons have super strong strength.
  Tag Gun Implement Tool

Tag gun Implement Tool, TGIT, TGIT- 9

Works with any type of tag gun. Works on compressed air. (about 4-5 bar preassure required).Saves labour.Increases productivity. Helps in quick tagging.
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