• Unit does not switch on.
    • Check if Electric cord is plugged in. If not, then plug in.
    • Check if the unit's voltage rating is the same as the voltage rating in your area.
    • Check if the fuse in the unit has blown. If Yes, then replace with a new fuse (as described in Product Maintenance section)

  • Unit does not spray solvent.
    • Check if solvent has been filled into the jar. If not, then fill in solvent.
    • Check if the nozzle cap has been removed. If not, remove it. (In CM11 and CM16 only)
    • Check if the suction pipe is tightened properly. If not, screw it tight (do not over tight)
    • Check if the pressure adjustment knob is turned in fully. If yes, then turn it anticlockwise.
    • Check if the Delivery Valve set is damaged. If yes, replace with spare provided. (Part No.17,18,19)
    • Remove the cylinder and check if the Piston Spring is broken. If yes, replace with the spare provided.
  • The spray is inconsistent.
    • Check if the nozzle has been blocked by contaminants / foreign objects. If yes, clear the blockage by using compressed air or by gently removing the object by use of a wire brush or nozzle cleaner (spare provided). Be careful not to damage the orifice of the nozzle, as this will render it useless. If there are no contaminants and still the spray is inconsistent, then the nozzle will have to be replaced with a new one. Contact the nearest Service Center for supply of a new nozzle.

  • The unit is on, but there is no vibration. Instead there is a humming sound.
    • Open the cylinder and check if the piston is seized. If yes, gently remove the piston, clean the cylinder and the piston and assemble back.

    • For any other problem please contact the Manufacturer /nearest Service Centre for Repairs and Assistance.
      Remove the plug from the socket before carrying out any adjustment, servicing or maintenance on the unit.
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