About Our Spray Gun

Our Textile & Multi-Utility Cleaning Spray Guns, (also commonly known as Spot Cleaning Guns / Stain Cleaning Guns / Petrol Guns / Water Guns / etc.) have been developed for removal of dirt, oil stains and other stains from textile fabrics and garments, mainly at the manufacturing stage. Solvents are sprayed at high pressure and velocity at the dirt spots, helping to shoot the dirt out from the fabric, thereby, removing the stains without damaging the fabric. The spray velocity can be adjusted by the user, making it highly versatile in usage, as different fabrics require different level of pressure to enable them to be cleaned without any damage. The Spray Gun works with electricity and consume negligible power. No separate air compressor is required.It is a light weight & easly hand held product. The 'CE' mark on our product certifies high quality standards and European acceptance. We produce them under our most popular internationally recognised registerd brands Arrow, Wonder and Chokho.
Areas of Use
Though our Spot Cleaning Guns are primarily meant for usage in the textile / garment industry, the versatility of the unit allows for a wider spectrum of usage. The product can be used in other areas like the printing industry for cleaning of typesets and rollers, electronic industry for cleaning of PCB's, manufacturing industries for cleaning areas of machines which are not easily accessible manually, electrical industry for contact cleaning (off-line), hair wig industry for cleaning of hair bases, for spraying pesticides on plants, cleaning of rocks & articles, for purpose of wood termite treatment.
  Garment manufacturing industry
To clean stains/dirt
Laundries Printing Industry Textile Industry
For cleaning stains on cloths For cleaning typesets and rollers For cleaning textile fabrics
Hair Wig Industry Electrical Industry Home Gardening
For cleaning of hair bases For cleaning PCB's. For Spraying insecticides on plants